Broadband Ireland
Irish Broadband Providers
Providers Speed Download Limit Contract
Monthly Cost Annual Cost
(1st Year)
More Info
Vodafone Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €40 €480 More Info

Simply Broadband

This is fibre broadband with the benefit of unlimited download allowance.

Pure Telecom Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €44 €528 More Info

Purely Broadband

No frills, just super fast broadband.

EIR Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €45 €540 More Info

Broadband Only

Unlimited, rediculously fast broadband with free sports TV bundled in.

Virgin Media Broadband 360Mb/s Unlimited 12 months €40 €640 More Info

Fibre Power Broadband 360

Fibre broadband with a super fast connection and limiless downloads.

Virgin Media Broadband 240Mb/s Unlimited 12 months €30 €520 More Info

Fibre Power Broadband 240

Top of the line super fast braodband and unlimited downloads.

Irish Broadband Providers

We have set out in the tables above details of all of the broadband packages that are available here in Ireland. Use the sort function in the table’s header to speed up the process of reviewing the various packages and different broad band providers.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband is becoming very popular in Ireland. It is a great solution for those people who live in an area that does not have access to a land line broadband connection. In addition the wireless broadband options are great for those people who use their broadband connection on the move. This makes wireless broadband a great choice for commuters.

Business Broadband

With most businesses now using broadband in their offices there are a number of different specific business packages that are available in the broadband market. In our comparison table below we set out all of the providers that offer a dedicated business broadband package. Take a look at our reviews to get a full insight into what each provider offers before you decide on a package.

Broadband Speed Test

The speed of your broadband connection is critical to your ability to surf the internet and download material from the internet.