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EIR Broadband 100 - 400Mb/s Unlimited 12 months €45 - €75 €540 More Info

Broadband Only

A range of robust business broadband packages designed for speed.

Virgin Media Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 24 months €40 - €60 €480 More Info

Business Connectivity Bundles

Solid business brandband packages to suit all budgets.

♦ Business Mobile Broadband

Business broadband package often include many of the following additional features not found with domestic broadband packages:

  • • Static IP address
  • • Detailed VAT invoice
  • • Multiple logins for improved administration
  • • Increased bandwidth
  • • Highly responsive and personalised 24/7 support
  • • Add on VOIP packages
  • • Infrastructure and network setup advice

Business mobile broadband allows you to do everything you usually do at a set location, while you are on the move. With this type of internet service you are able to leave the office and take your work with you. Consider for a moment that you have a driver through the business you run. You have to be at a meeting across town, and you still need to pull some information off the internet. Since you do not want to be late you take your laptop, which is set up for mobile broadband. As your driver gets you to the meeting you finish up getting the data you need. This is just one example of how mobile broadband in business can help you.

When you are a person always on the go needing to check in with the office, check your email, check your voice mail, and get data, mobile broadband is your answer. Let’s consider another example of how the wireless broadband services can help you. You are a real estate agent in Ireland. You have five showings in one day, and the clients have all decided to meet you at the homes. With the mobile broadband services you are able to double check your email for the information regarding all the homes. In fact when the couples arrive you can show them information such as crime rate in the area, where the schools are, etc. by using the maps and police data online. This extra information helps sell the houses for you.

Skype is a type of online telephone service. With Skype you can have a conference call while you are on the move. This business mobile broadband option means you never have to miss a phone call, even if you have to be out of the office. What is even better is that Skype will allow for web cams as well. You will not only be able to hold the call by speaking into your computer, but you will also be able to see the other person and they can see you.

Now that we have looked at some examples and the advantages, we should also examine some of the downsides to mobile broadband in business. First the connection you will have with the dongle is only as good as the newest tower. You still have to receive a signal, which means if you are in an area where the signal is not as strong you could experience intermittent connections. If you are on a conference call it can be difficult for you. Furthermore you could be driving in the city, hit a small area where the signal is lost, and have to wait until you are out of that area. Mobile broadband is still a new technology, so there are some bugs to work out. The cost of the broadband service for businesses is more expensive than your typical connection. This expense may seem like a great disadvantage, but it could also save you money by allowing more freedom.